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       2020 Prices  Details see Below


       AKFlyin will provide the best price in Oklahoma for your Aerial Photographs.


                                     Custom fly over shots

     AKFlyin will do several fly over of your house, land or special events.

We do weddings, graduations, Family Reunions, sport complex and anything else

you need


custom fly over cost will be determined by flight time and number location of shots.


flight time

$195.00 per hour (1 hour min)

Location 1


location 2


location 3


Each additional




Each location will include 8 shots of area.


Note: Custom fly over must be scheduled  one week in advanced with a $195.00 deposit.


Flight schedule will also be determined by plane availability and Weather.


     Pre shot photos are only provide to a limited group of customers.

AKFlyin randomly selected homes or events to sell aerial photos at a low cost.

how this works is that we fly several times a week. to help keep flying cost down

we will select a neighborhood or street and take photos to sell at a great price.




Reg prices for pre shot photos.                                                                                                    

4x6 $  70.99
5x7 $  90.99
8x10 $130.99
11x14 $178.99
16x20 $199.99
*20x30 $258.99


All prices include tax.

* please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery on 20x30



           Package Deals


                                Package 1


                                10ea 8X10

                                 5ea  4X6

                             Only! $799.00


Reg Price $1804.85    Save $1005.85

                     **Plus Flight Time Minimum


                                  Package 2


                                    10ea 11X14

                                      5ea   5X7

                               Only! $974.00


Reg Price $2375.94   Save $1401.94

                     **Plus Flight Time Minimum


                                   Package 3


                                   5ea 20X30

                                  10ea  5X7

                                  Only! $1249.00


Reg Price $2344.85  Save $1095.85

                     **Plus Flight Time Minimum


                                    Package 4


                                   1ea  20X30

                                   5ea  11X14

                                 10ea   8X10

                                 20ea   4X6

                Includes Flight Time Minimum

                                  Only! $1849.00


Reg Price $4023.64   Save $2174.64






















Contact Information: Steven Grier (405) 820-9031      Email: steve@akflyin.com


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